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Miniatures Builder

From the moon of George Méliès’ A Trip to the Moon to the buildings of Gotham City in The Dark Knight, miniatures have had played a historically pivotal role in creating amazing visual effects in film. The creation of these wonders is the responsibility of a miniatures builder, who is a member of the visual effects team that makes models.

Technical Artist

Something of a hybrid between an artist and a programmer is the video game technical artist. This person works under the direction of the art director and technical art director, and is responsible for the systems and tools associated with creating and porting art assets.

Surfacing Artist

Surfacing artists bring three-dimensional models to life; they add texture and color to the 3-D characters, environments, and props in an animated feature to enhance their visual appeal. Part of the credit for the ratatouille in Ratatouille looking good enough to eat goes to the surfacing team.

Character Artist

Video game graphics have evolved tremendously from the roving, pixelated yellow dot to the sophisticated 3-D characters in Modern Warfare. Studios rely on the artistic talents of character artists to drive the visual quality of the game, whether specializing in realistic human characters or amorphous creatures from another planet. The modern gamer is not satisfied with a good story and entertaining functionality alone—today’s player expects stunning art.