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3-D Scanning Technician

Three-dimensional scanning is a process by which people, objects, or environments are analyzed by a device that can transmit that data for constructing digital 3-D representations of the subject. This process differs from motion capture.

Quantic Dream

David Cage, a professional musician and game designer, established the French game development studio in 1997. Today, Cage serves as President of Quantic Dream with CEO Guillaume de Fondaumière.

Blur Studios

Blur Studios is an Academy Award-nominated visual effects studio located in Venice, Calif. The company’s vast body of work can be seen in feature films, television shows, commercials, video games, and location-based attractions.

Motion Capture Artist

The motion capture artist works closely with the direction team and actors from pre-production through post in creating computer-generated characters who move, interact, and look just as lifelike on the screen as real people. Far beyond just generating a digital cast member, the motion capture artist and his or her crew strive to create a digital actor whose performance is no less convincing than the flesh-and-blood counterpart.