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Trailer Park

Trailer Park is a creative marketing and content agency that caters to all areas of the entertainment industry, providing design and production services for film, television, music, game, and live entertainment companies.

Imaginary Forces

Imaginary Forces is a creative studio and production company founded by Chip Houghton, Peter Frankfurt, and Kyle Cooper (Prologue Films). Moviegoing audiences will surely recognize one of the company’s most iconic contributions, the flipbook-style title card that precedes all Marvel Entertainment films.

The Art of the Tease: Jonathan Gitlin

For all the panic over our short-attention-span, snippets-and-nuggets information age, movie trailers prove it all wrong. After all, in a truly utopian, quick-burst world, a movie’s trailer would be the entire movie. Three minutes or so of hurtling action, heartbreaking romance, a deeply longing look, and a breeze through the trees (maybe topped off with the “To the Stars” cue from Randy Edelman’s Dragonheart score) and you’ve seen all you need to see.