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Leader of the Band: John Beasley

If you’ve watched reality singing competitions, you may have seen John Beasley lurking on the side stage. The seasoned composer, pianist, producer, and arranger, served as the lead arranger for six seasons of American Idol before ushering Carrie Underwood to victory as the associate music director for the show’s Season 4.

Advertising Music Director

From simple jingles to fully orchestrated original compositions, visual advertising is far more impactful when accompanied by a soundtrack. Advertising media companies are hired by clients to contribute original songs to promotional materials and rely on the expertise of music directors to guide production of soundtracks that seamlessly support commercial advertisements and engage audiences.

Promotion Associate

Most radio stations only put a handful of new releases on the air each week, so slots in the rotation are limited; this translates to intense competition between promotion departments at different labels for their slice of the pie. It takes a certain vigor and unwillingness to accept defeat to survive in the music business as a promotion associate.