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Warner Bros. Records

Jack Warner founded Warner Bros. Records in 1958, setting up a modest office above the film studio’s machine shop on the lot of Warner Bros. Pictures. In 1963, the record label acquired Frank Sinatra’s Reprise Records, securing the talents of the Chairman of the Board, along with the rest of the Rat Pack.

Record Label Salesperson

Representing the record label, the salesperson is responsible for establishing relationships with retail stores, rack jobbers, and online outlets to set up channels of distribution for album sales. He or she secures contracts for distribution, oversees the delivery order to provide the merchant with product, and continues to service the account as necessary.

Universal Music Group

Universal Music Group was so dubbed during an acquisition in 1998, but the collection of record labels and sole music publisher trace their lineage as UMG to 1898 when the National Grammophon Company established the Deutsche Grammophon Gesellchaft. It wasn’t until 1912 that filmmaker Carl Laemmle first introduced the name Universal, setting the film studio on a collision course with the music company. However, in 2004, UMG and Universal Pictures parted ways for good, allowing the music company to stand on its own as a separate entity.