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Musical Director

The musical director is hired during pre-production by the producer and director, and is responsible only for the vocal and instrumental performance of the cast and accompanying band or orchestra. Few musical directors are as well-known as David Letterman’s longtime collaborator Paul Shaffer, but all are integral to the musical texture of the shows they work on.


Obsession is a good beginning. Composers must be infatuated with every note: the pitch, the subtle undulations, the magnificent crescendos. These artists do not write songs, they craft aural experiences that persuade emotion. When combined with images on the screen, the composer’s efforts trigger audience responses of fear, sorrow, elation, and pride.

Orchestra Contractor

Composers of film and stage music need musicians to perform their pieces, and this is when the orchestra contractor gets to shine. Orchestra contractors, often referred to as “fixers” in Europe and the U.K., are responsible for making sure that composers have the musicians they need when they need them.