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First Assistant Director

The first assistant director is responsible to the director, and is chiefly concerned with facilitating a smooth workflow on set and serving the needs of the director. This person begins work during pre-production and is typically handpicked by the director. In some instances, the assistant director may also be assigned the responsibilities of the unit production manager.

Picture Car Coordinator

What would Knight Rider be without the wit and wisdom of KITT; how would Bo and Luke get out of all those predicaments on The Dukes of Hazzard without the good old General Lee? Those automotive stars aside, any time you see a car in a film or TV show, a specialized technician known as a picture car coordinator is on set as well.

Development Executive

A development executive must be able to search through a maze of scripts, project ideas, and stories, finding those precious few that may become the next Oscar-winning movie or Sundance Festival jewel.


Production Resource Group is one of the largest suppliers of entertainment and event technology in the world, and consequently, one of the largest employers of technicians. PRG houses more than 1.5 million square feet of warehouse space and operates 31 facilities in North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.


The director is the ultimate creative voice of a film; he or she holds the core vision of the project and leads the cast and crew through preproduction, principal photography, and post-production. Like a general on the field of battle, the director sees the whole picture, and is the one who plans strategy, delegates tasks, and inspires the troops to achieve the goal.

Best Boy, eh? What Makes Him the Best?

ADR – stands for “automated dialogue replacement” (or “additional dialogue recording”); also known as looping. Rerecorded dialogue that’s replaced during post-production.

ambience – not to be confused with any sort of romantic mood. Rather, a term referring to a scene’s background noise or existing light level.

On-Set Dresser

Desk ornaments, family photos, and other knickknacks are not haphazardly strewn about a set; a crew of artists carefully designs the atmosphere of each space an actor occupies on screen before filming begins. The on-set dresser is charged with implementing that design during filming, and is supervised by the set decorator and lead dresser. 

Casting Associate

A studio or production company hires a casting director to find and audition actors for every role in a television or film production—from extras to leading characters. To handle the massive task of casting dozens and even hundreds of roles, the casting director will employ one or more assistants, or associates.