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Warner Bros. Records

Jack Warner founded Warner Bros. Records in 1958, setting up a modest office above the film studio’s machine shop on the lot of Warner Bros. Pictures. In 1963, the record label acquired Frank Sinatra’s Reprise Records, securing the talents of the Chairman of the Board, along with the rest of the Rat Pack.

Marketing Director

The marketing strategy around an entertainment brand, whether that is a product or entire company, is ultimately the responsibility of the Marketing Director. This person creatively designs marketing campaigns that reach out to the target audience to persuade customers to make a purchase.


SpotCo is boutique advertising agency in Manhattan that is best-known for their work in designing visual advertising campaigns for Broadway theater (Chicago, Avenue Q, Rent) and touring live productions, but the company founded by Drew Hodges has also produced work for The Pee-Wee Herman Show, ESPN, MTV, and the Disney Channel.

A&R Scout

An A&R scout works for the record label and is responsible for finding new musical talent and developing that talent. A&R scouts are the first point of contact between artists and record labels, and by keeping up with musical trends and acts as they appear, scouts bring up-and-coming bands and solo acts to the attention of the A&R department. A&R scout is the lowest rung of the A&R ladder, below the A&R executive but critical to the discovery and development process. 

Marketing Representative

Marketing responsibilities within an entertainment media company are usually divided between a local representative who serves one large city or metro area and a regional representative who oversees a larger area, such as the northeast United States. In either case, the function is essentially the same: to craft an effective marketing campaign that will drive product sales.


A large pool of similar divisions work within the entertainment industry to advertise, market, and promote bands, actors, movies, and TV shows to the public. Within this pool is the publicist. This individual may work in-house for a record label or film studio or for an outside publicity firm, but in either case publicists work hard to remain experts in the demographics and popular press of their geographic region or market segment.