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New Media Manager

For the new media manager, multitasking is a way of life. Entertainment companies are eager to find the most innovative and profitable ways to turn a buck from the new media model. To do this, the industry relies on creative internet marketing gurus with the ability to create social networks around their brands.

College Marketing Representative

Instead of waiting until you’ve walked the stage at graduation to start your career in the music business, why not get a head start on the competition? Resourceful and motivated college students are needed by record labels and publicity firms to be eyes and ears on the street—the inside person on campus.

Public Relations Assistant

Publicists are the spin doctors that keep Hollywood in the headlines. Whether representing a new film, an A-list actor, or a start-up game studio, these opinion-makers are charged with stirring up attention and turning any press into good press.

Marketing Representative

Marketing responsibilities within an entertainment media company are usually divided between a local representative who serves one large city or metro area and a regional representative who oversees a larger area, such as the northeast United States. In either case, the function is essentially the same: to craft an effective marketing campaign that will drive product sales.