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Tastemaker: Ann Powers

Ann Powers has written for a who’s who of respected publications. The Seattle native began her career at The Rocket, one of the first magazines to help break grunge acts like Nirvana.

CBS Corporation

CBS Corporation is one of America’s largest media and entertainment companies, with divisions operating in the areas of film, television, radio, interactive media, and publishing, among others.

Independent Radio Promoter

The process of selecting songs for a radio station’s program rotation is neither arbitrary nor organic. Behind the scenes, independent radio promoters are pulling the strings, swaying the decisions of program directors.

Media Buyer

A skilled media buyer has eerie insight into your psyche; this person knows that if you are watching Mega Piranha at 2 a.m. you may also be interested in attending Star Wars: In Concert or playing Halo Reach. Before Facebook was tracking your web usage to suggest that you become a fan of Dove chocolates and romantic walks on the beach, these mind-readers had your likes and dislikes pegged.

Promotion Manager

The primary purpose of the promotion department is to obtain airplay for the record label’s albums and singles on as many stations in as many markets as possible. The promotion manager answers to the vice president or director of promotion, and oversees the larger promotion staff. This staff may be broken into segments based on music genre or geographical area, with a manager for each segment