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Disney/ABC Television Group

Disney/ABC Television Group is a division of The Walt Disney Group and manages all entertainment and news television properties within the company, as well as the Radio Disney Network and Hyperion Publishing.

Radio Promotions Manager

Supervising the staff of promotions assistants, the manager is responsible for approaching advertising clients and community partners concerning opportunities for promotional activities. He or she negotiates plans by which the station may participate in and benefit from, including events such as fairs, concerts, parades, and other local festivities.

Program Director

What differentiates your favorite radio station from another? Who makes the call to move the morning shock-jock to midday or only play Eminem after 5 p.m.? In both cases the answer is the program director, whether you are aware of it or not. He or she is the person behind the scenes pulling the strings to create a station’s unique identity—and pulling your ears to the station’s specific frequency.