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Perfect Your Social Media Mix to Get Your First Industry Gig

Illustration by Stephen NaumannIllustration by Stephen Naumann

Very slowly but surely, the media world is rebounding. But i­f you’re one of many upcoming grads hoping to break into competitive media fields, you’re probably feeling like it’s not rebounding enough. 

Media Library Assistant

Similar to the work of a tape logger for a television production company or film studio, the media library assistant works within a music publishing company, record label, or similar organization to maintain and track the enormous digital and hardcopy inventory of music compositions.

Harry Fox Agency

The Harry Fox Agency was founded by the National Music Publishers Association and licenses the largest volume of mechanical and digital rights in the Unites States on behalf of more than 46,000 music publishing clients.


The role of a music arranger can get a bit blurry. There are many different avenues to pursue, and the lines between composer, orchestrator, and arranger are very thin. In the recording industry an arranger can work as a freelance artist for a band or musician to take an existing piece of music and retool it to fit the band’s style and genre.