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Sound Designer

The work of a sound designer in the video game development industry is not dissimilar to that of film and television or live production. Both are charged with establishing the overall aural aesthetic of the product, but the game sound designer does not work from a single established script; rather he or she creates an auditory world that changes, evolves, and is manipulated through the player’s experience.

Paramount Recording Studios

The Brolin family built the Paramount Recording Studios in the late 1960s, in a former Bic pen manufacturing plant. Brian Brolin, brother of actor James Brolin, first attracted attention for his early recording of classmate Ritchie Valens.

Studio Setup Worker

For the aspiring recording engineer, this is where the journey begins. Setting up a recording studio isn’t an especially difficult gig, but it does require someone who is thorough and cares about doing the job right the first time.

Audio Lead

Every piece of audio embedded in a game passes through the hands of the audio lead. This person is responsible for compiling and designing sound effects, background score, and other audio assets that create a rich, fully immersive experience for the player.

A&R Administrator

If you’re an Excel whiz by day but crawl the clubs looking for the next new thing after business hours, this gig may be the perfect marriage of “real job” and music love. Pantsuits and ties are optional; passion for number-crunching is required.

Record Plant Recording Studios

When record producer Gary Kellgren left Mayfair Studios to set up his own shop, his impressive roster of clients went with him: The early success of the Record Plant is due in large part to the support of artists like Frank Zappa. Chris Stone supplied the business know-how to the new enterprise, and Revlon heiress Ancky Johnson put up the cash. By the grand opening, the studio was booked three months in advance.

Record Producer

Within the realm of pop music, record producers have become just as illustrious as the musicians they work with. Producing a hit record can not only launch an artist from obscurity to legendary status, but catapult a producer’s career as well. Artists rely on producers’ creative expertise to craft the signature sound of an album or single; labels rely on their business savvy to ensure the record is completed on time, on budget, and with all samples cleared.

Business Manager

A business manager handles the financial affairs of entertainers, athletes, and other high-profile public figures. This person may work for a large management firm with several clients, or as a dedicated partner to one group or individual.

Foley Artist

Jack Donovan Foley is the father of motion picture sound effects. Though he never received a screen credit for his work, Foley invented many of the techniques for creating (or re-creating) sound effects for film, television, and radio. During the filming of Spartacus (1960), Stanley Kubrick wanted to reshoot a scene of the massive Roman army to get the sound of their metal shields and swords clashing just right; Foley jingled a set of keys in front of a microphone and called it a day.