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Previz Supervisor

Previsualization is a process used in feature filmmaking and television production to plan out complex visual effects sequences during the pre-production phase; this enables the director and cinematographer to see rough animatics of their shots in a fast and inexpensive manner before committing time, crew, and resources to filming.

Lighting Artist

In the fields of visual effects and digital animation, as with live-action, lighting is an important element that creates mood, depth, and realism in a scene. Whether producing a fully animated film or enhancing a filmed sequence with the use of computer-generated imagery, lighting artists put some of the last finishing touches on the project. 

3-D Motion Tracker

Motion tracking is the foundation upon which all live-action visual effects are built; this is the first step in creating a match move, which allows a computer-generated object to be inserted into live-action footage.

Method Studios

Method Studios is an award-winning visual effects group based in Los Angeles, Calif., which serves clients in feature film, television commercials, and game publishing.

Render Wrangler

Rendering is the pivotal process in CGI of turning computer data into a sequence of viewable images; the render wrangler is responsible for monitoring and controlling the rendering process, while also managing rendering priorities based on the needs of department supervisors and production management. Render wranglers can work on projects from the pre-visualization stage until the project is delivered for compositing, working with the CG department. As an entry-level position, becoming a render wrangler can be a great starting point for those desiring a career in computer animation.