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On Target: John Romero

In certain circles, John Romero is legendary as the self-taught game designer who pioneered the original first-person shooters. Romero’s career dates back to the early ‘80s when he published his first titles for the Apple II.

Beneath the Shroud: Richard Garriott

The workspace of the Austin, Texas-based game development company, Portalarium, looks virtually indistinguishable from every other downtown office except for one not-so-minor difference—a four-foot mustachioed robot patrols the halls. Guided by Portalarium co-founder Richard Garriott’s laptop, the freewheeling automaton is how Garriott sees, hears, and speaks to employees in the Lone Star state while living in New York City.

Happy Lab Rat: Jamie Fristrom

For Jamie Fristrom, the separation between work and play is almost nonexistent. For most of his adult life, he’s made a living at what he loved best as a kid—games. There had been alternate career possibilities for this multitalented guy: He has a degree in psychology and is the author of Dionysus Logged Out, a very fine novel about growing up in the ‘80s.