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The merger of two giants in the entertainment media industry gave birth in 2004 to the enterprise known as NBCUniversal. Under the new banner, the company owns and operates numerous television networks, motion picture companies, theme parks, and other media properties. Comcast purchased a majority interest in NBCUniversal in 2011.

Assistant Script Supervisor

Most film and television productions will employ only one script supervisor, but large projects can require an assistant to help shoulder some of the responsibilities of that position. This person is hired by the script supervisor and will support him or her in maintaining records and processing script changes during principal photography.

Script Supervisor

A lack of continuity in a film or TV episode can be incredibly distracting to the audience. If you have a keen eye, you may notice certain inconsistencies. For example, in Dark Knight the banner on the building that is the scene of Batman and Joker’s final standoff first reads “DAVIS,” then in a later shot has changed to “BOVIS.” Some mistakes are more obvious, like when an actor is wearing glasses in one shot and then the glasses mysteriously disappear in the next. These flubs happen because separate takes of a scene may be shot and re-shot days or weeks apart.