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Maker Studios

Maker Studios is a digital production studio that is harnessing the power of YouTube to distribute original web content developed in partnership with creative talent.

Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG)

AEG is a wholly owned subsidiary of Anschutz Company and operates numerous divisions dedicated to sports and entertainment presentations. Among other ventures and properties, AEG owns or controls facilities such as the STAPLES Center, Home Depot Center, American Airlines Arena, and NOKIA Theater Times Square. The company also owns several professional sports franchises, including the Los Angeles Kings, Houston Dynamo, and Los Angeles Galaxy.

Marketing Director

The marketing strategy around an entertainment brand, whether that is a product or entire company, is ultimately the responsibility of the Marketing Director. This person creatively designs marketing campaigns that reach out to the target audience to persuade customers to make a purchase.

Entertainment Journalist

Entertainment journalists cover the news and events within the industries of film, television, music, live events, video games, and others. They dig up the stories of the latest Hollywood developments and follow the progress of next year’s major game releases, all for the anxious fans and enthusiasts who clamor for more. A great writer becomes an authority on the entertainment industry, a trusted source of information and insight.

Social Media Manager

Social networking sites are the new frontier of marketing, as most major consumer brands have implemented a social-networking presence online. The same is true for video games. At first, fans went online to bash or praise a new release, discuss game-play tactics, and look for cheats. Now the game developers and publishers are actively seeking your participation and conversation to grow their titles through your Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and Tumblr accounts. But the Internet is vast.