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Founded in 2007, Zynga has quickly become one of the largest developers in the mobile and social networking segments of the game development industry. The studio’s titles combine for 232 million monthly active users and 60 million daily active users.

Ariel Publicity

Ariel Hyatt, a veteran publicist, is the founder of Ariel Publicity. The firm began in Colorado as a traditional PR firm dedicated to promoting musicians, but moved to New York and evolved its business model in 2006 to focus strictly on social networking and “cyber PR” in order to better compete in the online era.

Social Media Manager

Social networking sites are the new frontier of marketing, as most major consumer brands have implemented a social-networking presence online. The same is true for video games. At first, fans went online to bash or praise a new release, discuss game-play tactics, and look for cheats. Now the game developers and publishers are actively seeking your participation and conversation to grow their titles through your Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and Tumblr accounts. But the Internet is vast.