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Square Enix Collective: Kitfox Ready to Kickstart 'Moon Hunters'

Square Enix Collective and Kitfox Games announced today that Moon Hunters, the pixel-art mythology-building RPG, will start its crowdfunding campaign on Tuesday, August 26.

The Collective platform is a curated forum where creators post concept that are rated by users, ultimately deciding whether the projects have a future. Developers then participate in a team assessment before funding to determine if the developer’s model is viable and have the chops to take the idea through to fruition. 

Square Enix Announces 'Life is Strange'

Square Enix today announced Life is Strange, an episodic narrative adventure developed by DONTNOD Entertainment.

The Square Enix Collective Opens to Developers After Pilot Phase

Square Enix has announced the first team to emerge from the pilot phase of its Collective initiative. Montreal-based developer Tuque Games will begin a crowd funding campaign for World War Machine, a post-human RPG in which the player takes the form of, well, a death machine.

Community Service: Devin Casadey

A career in video games wasn’t always the plan. Devin Casadey earned his degree in Japanese Language and Literature from the University of Florida in 2005 and promptly accepted a position as an assistant language teacher for the Osaka City Board of Education in Osaka, Japan. Following his four-year stint overseas, Casadey returned to the United States without many job prospects, but a clear vision of where he wanted to go.