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Lead Economics Designer

If you are a hard-core gamer and have an aptitude for financial systems, then the natural combination of your interests and skills would surely make you the ideal candidate for a job as a lead economics designer for web-based games. MMOs like World of Warcraft and popular social gaming brands like Farmville or Restaurant City are built around a virtual economic structure that must be carefully planned and monitored, much like the foundation of a fledging nation or corporation.

Economics Designer

The economy is not just something pundits expound upon on 24-hour cable news stations or people worry about as their mortgage payment comes up. In video games, the economy often makes the game worth playing, creating value and offering rewards to gamers. It is the duty of the economics designer to set and maintain the in-game monetary system for both single-player and online multiplayer titles, including pricing of game items and services.

World Designer

Very few careers offer people the opportunity to become a god, but a career as a world designer may be as close as it gets. World designers play a pivotal role in video game design and are responsible for planning and creating the environments for a game, including such details as the size and terrain of the landscapes and the objects that populate it, as well as any weather and time cycles required.