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Christie Digital Systems, Inc.

Established in 1929, Christie Digital Systems is one of the largest visual technologies companies in the world. The organization specializes in the design, manufacturing, and installation of projection systems, and has installed over 100,000 projection solutions worldwide.

Aderra Media Technologies

Ed Donnelly, musician and founder of Eggfoot Records, started Aderra Media Technologies in 2007. Through the company’s patented technology, concertgoers get the instant gratification of taking home a live recording of the concert on USB or MicroSD. 

Music Networx

The German company was determined to defy the naysayers when it opened in 2006. Told it was impossible to deliver on their promise to find new ways for artists to monetize their music, the company launched the Simfy platform in 2009 and today offers more than 6.2 million tracks online to an audience of 8 million.