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Sound Designer

The sound designer’s work should go unnoticed by the audience, and yet still subtly affect them. Unlike the composer or performer, whose efforts are meant to be heard, this person aims to create an aural environment that insinuates emotion, rather than insisting.

Master Electrician

There is no plot too complicated or electrical emergency too daunting for this guru of the ampere—if there’s solder and gaff tape, there’s a way to get it done. The master electrician implements the lighting design of a production and makes sure the whole rig doesn’t go up in a spectacular display of sparking shorts and electrical fires. They also spend entirely too much time and money concocting elaborate holiday home lighting displays.

Lighting Technician

The capacity of lighting technology to visually captivate an audience has advanced tremendously over the past two decades. Automated instruments are becoming more sophisticated, wireless dimmers have unshackled the designer, and behind all of this innovation are the lighting technicians who meticulously place and care for millions of dollars’ worth of totally awesome toys.

Costume Designer

A costume designer must have an inherent talent for visual presentation and drop-dead wardrobe flair. Whether you are creating a show-stopping leather number for a pop star’s tour or taking a stab at recreating Audrey 2 for Little Shop of Horrors, your looks must gain favor with the audience, or risk damaging their impression of the production.


Production Resource Group is one of the largest suppliers of entertainment and event technology in the world, and consequently, one of the largest employers of technicians. PRG houses more than 1.5 million square feet of warehouse space and operates 31 facilities in North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Feld Entertainment

Irvin Feld saw the light of the American circus and live family entertainment nearly extinguished and made it his mission to pull the genre back from the edge of obscurity. Feld purchased “The Greatest Show on Earth” in 1967, and in 1981 mounted the first show in a strategic partnership with Walt Disney.

Costume Dresser

A production with a small cast of a dozen or fewer is no great undertaking for the costume department, but when performers number several dozen or in the hundreds, a small army of costume dressers is employed to get bodies into garments and back onstage with impressive speed.

Makeup Artist

It is a makeup artist’s responsibility to execute the makeup designer’s looks on each cast member as assigned. For every performance, the artist works from illustrated templates—and eventually from memory—to transform the actor’s face and create the first visual impression of the character.

Makeup Designer

The design process is about telling a story, and a makeup artist paints that story in color. The actor emotes through his or her body and face, but it is the makeup designer’s task to enhance that emotion and help convey the character.

Assistant Stage Manager

Before you can be passed the stage manager’s god mic, you will first have to toil in his shadow as an assistant. An assistant stage manager combines the roles of personal assistant, technician, and drudge, with the intent to learn the trade and make the connections necessary to advancement