Ariel Publicity

Location: New York, NY

Founded: 1996


Ariel Hyatt, a veteran publicist, is the founder of Ariel Publicity. The firm began in Colorado as a traditional PR firm dedicated to promoting musicians, but moved to New York and evolved its business model in 2006 to focus strictly on social networking and “cyber PR” in order to better compete in the online era.

Notable Products

  • Online PR services
  • Tutorial books
  • CD reviews
  • Educational CD courses


What to Expect

Ariel Publicity doesn’t adhere to the standard practice of promoting musicians by courting magazine reporters or traditional music reviewers. Instead, the company has developed a comprehensive package of services for independent clients that leverages the power of social media. Through professionally generated and monitored Facebook profile pages, MySpace pages, blogs, and other web platforms, Ariel Publicity places clients directly in front of the target audience, bypassing broadcast and hard-copy media outlets. Cyber PR is a customized digital PR campaign that also connects clients with bloggers, podcasters, online radio stations, and other new media. Rather than just selling a DIY promotion package, the staff at Ariel Publicity creates individual press kits and actively engages social media makers to drive interest and attention for the musicians they represent. The firm also makes available educational resources to help bands better manage their careers and public image. These range from books written by Hyatt to seminars, forums, and CD tutorials.

The senior staff includes Hyatt, as well as seven additional full-time employees in positions of general manager, publicity, marketing, media relations, sales, and online courses. Additional junior positions exist within those departments and require a bachelor’s degree in marketing, music business, advertising, or a similar field. Positions are also available for tech gurus who can manage and evolve the company’s Cyber PR resources. Of course, extensive knowledge of the music industry and social media platforms is a requirement. Unpaid internships are available for college credit and serve as a crash course in online PR. Only the most passionate need apply, as the demands of this fast-paced company require someone who will jump in quickly and easily adapt. The vibe is hectic around the office, but energetic and lively. Staffers have diverse backgrounds and interests, so it is an eclectic bunch. The dress code is generally casual to business casual.


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