Blur Studios

Location: Venice, CA

Founded: 1995


Blur Studios is an Academy Award-nominated visual effects studio located in Venice, Calif. The company’s vast body of work can be seen in feature films, television shows, commercials, video games, and location-based attractions.

Notable Products

  • Visual effects
  • Motion capture
  • 3-D character animation
  • Motion design
  • Game cinematics

What to Expect

In 2004, Blur was honored with an Academy Award nomination for its original short film, Gopher Broke. Established as a visual effects studio, Blur Studios has contributed to a wide array of projects. Most notably, the company created all of the space sequences for James Cameron’s Avatar. The studio also produced the trailers for LucasArts’ Star Wars: The Old Republic and The Force Unleashed II. Other projects include contributions for Batman: Arkham City, Resident Evil: Raccoon City, Fable III, Football on Fox, Paramount Studios, and The Simpsons Ride at Universal Orlando.

Within the core operations of Blur Studios, the company employs individuals in the areas of animation, visual effects, design, motion graphics, and motion capture. Additionally, the studio is venturing into the realm of motion picture development and original animated shorts. In 2008, Blur announced it would team with producer David Fincher (The Social Network) to develop the Dark Horse comic book The Goon into a feature film. An in-house team of directors and producers supports development and original content operations.

Those interested in employment with Blur Studios can visit the company’s official website to search for current openings. Specific positions within the studio include character modelers, motion graphics designers, animators, and similar roles. Blur does not have a revolving internship program and rarely does the company recruit for such positions. All applicants should be familiar with the Autodesk series of software applications, which are heavily used with Blur’s pipeline. Proficiency with programs such as ZBrush, 3DS Max, and Maya is necessary.

Title sequence for Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Blur Studios


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