Digital Domain Productions

Location: Venice, CA

Founded: 1993


Digital Domain Productions is an Academy Award-winning visual effects studio, which has contributed to films such as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, X-Men First Class, and Thor.

Notable Products

  • Virtual production
  • Animation
  • Feature film
  • Video game cinematics
  • Advertising
  • Stereo 3D

What to Expect

Digital Domain Productions was founded in part by director James Cameron. The studio has contributed to more than 80 feature films, winning Academy Awards for Best Visual Effects on Titanic, What Dreams May Come, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and nominations for Apollo 13, True Lies, and I, Robot. The studio has also been awarded Scientific and Technical Achievement awards for several of its proprietary software systems, including Nuke, a compositing software application.

Digital Domain Productions, headquartered in Venice, Calif., specializes in animation and visual effects for feature films, television commercials, video game trailers, and cinematics. The studio is also leading technological advancements in virtual production, using virtual cinematography, proprietary facial animation systems, and Simulcam technology, to produce film sequences and game cinematics in real time, in the virtual world. This technology has been used in films like TRON: Legacy and Transformers: Dark of the Moon, as well as cinematics for Gears of War 3: Dust to Dust and Halo 3.

In 2010, Digital Domain founded Stereo Group after it acquired In-Three, the company responsible for the Dimensionalization technology used on Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, which is used in converting films shot in 2D into stereo 3D. Mothership is the advertising and marketing arm of Digital Domain, leveraging the vast pool of talent under the parent company to provide live action and computer graphic production for commercials and other visual advertising initiatives.

Digital Domain operates divisions around the world, including multiple locations in California. International studios are located in Vancouver, Mumbai, and London. Across all divisions, Digital Domain lists current employment vacancies on its official website, along with specific application submission guidelines. Occasionally, the company will host recruiting events around the country to seek out visual effects talent at all experience levels.

Internships are available for credit for students enrolled in a relevant degree program, including VFX/animation, computer science, or art. Limited opportunities are also available for recent graduates. Interns must be at least 18 years old and provide their own travel and housing. Programs in a wide range of animation and visual effects specialties are offered, and applicants should demonstrate proficiency in one or more software applications, such as Nuke, mental ray, Maya, RenderMan, and Photoshop.

If you find yourself across the table from a hiring manager at Digital Domain, consider for a moment that James Cameron is a notorious perfectionist. That same level of passion and determination is what drives all operations within Digital Domain. Certainly, the company is committed to providing a nurturing and creative environment for employees, but the staff carries on its shoulders the expectations of major feature directors and millions of audience members. When you are putting out the next huge blockbuster, there is no room for mediocre work. Skill and talent will get you in the door, but a great attitude and work ethic will keep you there.


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