Epic Games

Location: Cary, NC

Founded: 1991

Website: http://www.epicgames.com/

Epic Games is not only the award-winning studio that brought the Gears of War franchise to the masses, but it also builds one of the most widely used game engines: the Unreal engine. Titles from outside developers built on the Unreal platform include Mass Effect 2 and Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Notable Products

  • Unreal 3 game engine
  • Gears of War series
  • Bulletstorm
  • Infinity Blade
  • Unreal Tournament 3
  • Epic Citadel

What to Expect

Epic Games is located in North Carolina and oversees operations at five subsidiary studios: People Can Fly in Poland, Chair Entertainment in Utah, Yingpei Games in China, Epic Games Korea, and Epic Games Japan. Recruitment opportunities for all studios are accessible through Epic’s official website’s career section. Positions within the company include administrative roles in human resources and marketing. On the development side, the North Carolina office employs more than 100 producers, artists, programmers, software engineers, animators, and designers. Applicants can apply directly through the official website, where portfolio requirements are listed for all available positions.

For those talented enough to be called among the Epic ranks, the new campus is an impressive, modern home with every conceivable amenity. Okay, so maybe it doesn’t have a submarine dock … yet. What you will find when you first enter through the glass doors are several trophy cases stocked with Epic’s accolades. The studio has garnered more than 30 Game of the Year and game engine awards, in addition to many more nominations. Development teams are divided among three floors and grouped by department rather than project. This affords staff a consistent home, rather than moving their workspace every time they start a new game. Another improvement to the new facility is the massive mocap studio that is equipped with an adjacent kitchen and dressing rooms for actors, in addition to the 32 cameras and audio/video playback stations.

Of course, everywhere you look there are subtle (and some very apparent) reminders of the company’s Gears of War franchise. A two-story statue of Malcolm awaits those that plunge down the slide from the second floor. Up for a scavenger hunt? There are slyly embedded metal gears throughout the expansive buildings, one can be found in the rock climbing wall in the central meeting hall adjacent to the cafeteria. For catered meals and the mid-day hunger pangs, the kitchen stocks every sort of beverage to satisfy a thirsty developer. Gamers are notorious snackers, so Epic promises to have at least nine varieties of Pop-Tarts on hand at all times.

Game studios are known for having some elaborate recreational facilities for employees, and that is absolutely true at Epic Games. There is a game lounge with old-school arcade stations, ping-pong, pool, and a console game library. The on-site gym is equipped with every sort of machine necessary to keep the staff in shape, along with a multi-purpose room for Yoga, Pilates, and even Kung fu training. Artists interested in breaking away from their computer screens can venture over to the practical art room where stations are set up for painting, sculpting, and other activities. Serving its purpose for both recreation and productivity, a dedicated playtest room allows employees to engage in preliminary play of the studio’s works-in-progress. Teams can pull out the room divider and log in to one of 20 PC game stations to battle against other staff members. Occasionally, senior management unlocks the margarita machine for Playtest Fridays. 


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