Feld Entertainment

Location: Vienna, VA

Founded: 1967

Website: http://www.feldentertainment.com/home.htm

Irvin Feld saw the light of the American circus and live family entertainment nearly extinguished and made it his mission to pull the genre back from the edge of obscurity. Feld purchased “The Greatest Show on Earth” in 1967, and in 1981 mounted the first show in a strategic partnership with Walt Disney.

Notable Products

  • Disney on Ice
  • Disney Live!
  • Feld Motor Sports
  • Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey


What to Expect

Feld Entertainment produces more than 30 live entertainment products each year, and has racked up touring mileage through 65 countries and six continents. Thirty million people will fill seats under the circus big top and around the ice rink every year. To put up so many massive shows, Feld employs 3,000 people worldwide and on tour. The company hires skilled and talented individuals in a number of diverse departments, like marketing, engineering, graphic design, show production, and tour management. Entry-level positions require a high school diploma, and for mid-level to senior roles a bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in your career field is necessary.

The interview process for touring technicians and production staff begins with an online résumé submission; then you wait for the phone to ring. Depending on the urgency to fill the vacant position, you may get a call within 24 hours asking if you can be on a plane the next day. You will likely first speak to a representative from human resources who will verify your employment history and start a background check. This person will ask you basic questions about your experience and knowledge, and answer your questions about life on a Feld tour. If you pass this step, you will have another phone interview with the hiring manager, in which you can expect to be quizzed on your proficiency with specific equipment and technology. You will also be asked about any affiliations you may have to PETA or other animal rights organizations. Technicians are required to become members of IATSE, and receive union scale payment and a weekly stipend.

Once on the road, your experience will vary somewhat based on your show. Running off to join the circus is considerably different from a live stage show or ice production. Tours generally last from five to eight months and are broken down by region. At the end of your run, you may be given the opportunity to join the next leg of the tour or opt out and head home. When hired, your plane ticket out and back is covered by the company unless you voluntarily decide to leave a show, in which case you have to find your own way home. That’s standard procedure on the road. As long as you stay with the crew on the bus, your logistics are taken care of. Miss the bus or jump ship, and you’re on your own. Drives longer than four or five hours will be accommodated with sleeper buses, and longer hauls are traveled by plane.


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