Location: Gainesville, FL

Founded: 2006


Like Napster, Facebook, and so many other upstarts of the digital world, Grooveshark was the brainchild of college students. Sam Tarantino and Josh Greenberg initially launched Grooveshark as a paid service, but the music-streaming site is now free to users and supported by advertising and VIP subscriptions.

Notable Products

  • Free online music streaming
  • Band/artist promotion tools and analytics


What to Expect

The first thing you’ll notice is that the Grooveshark staff is a young crowd. The company employs fewer than 50 individuals, and all are passionate about music. Positions range from artist relations to advertising and business development, with a major emphasis on software engineering, programming, and web development; internships are also available. Skill and ingenuity are a necessity to the team, but just as important is a certain shared attitude, swagger, and courageous entrepreneurial spirit—so saith the Grooveshark. Before you shuffle off your résumé, take some time to consider why you want to work there and what about music compels you to wake up every morning. Your application is not complete without some supporting materials about yourself and your ambitions, along with your work history.

One major benefit of the company is the freedom to work to your own schedule. You do have to put in the necessary hours, but you can decide whether you work best in the morning, night, or after an afternoon siesta. Because of this flexible model, the office is running nearly 24 hours per day and open on weekends. Most positions require relocation to Florida, but there are also opportunities for telecommuting. In the office, you won’t see a single cubicle; instead, desks are grouped together by department, within earshot (and Nerf gun range) of each other. There is a ping-pong lounge, and free meals are prepared daily by an in-house chef.

Working for an internet startup does come with some inherent risk, and typical benefits like health insurance or a 401(k) may not be available. However, at a company as young as Grooveshark, you can benefit from the short chain of command. In a smaller group, your ideas are given greater consideration and you carry greater responsibility. There’s no blending in; your presence will be felt and your voice heard.


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