High End Systems

Location: Austin, TX

Founded: 1988

Website: http://www.highend.com/

High End Systems is an entertainment lighting and control systems manufacturer founded by Richard Belliveau and Lowell Fowler. The company is best known for their Flying Pig Systems line of Wholehog lighting consoles.

Notable Products

  • Digital lighting
  • Lighting consoles
  • Automated lighting
  • LED products
  • Special effects

What to Expect

Barco, a Belgian technology company, acquired High End Systems and Flying Pig Systems in 1999. Operating under the brand name of High End Systems, the company officially exists as Barco Lighting Systems. In addition to the Austin, Tex., headquarters, there are offices in California, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

A leading technology innovator in the field of entertainment lighting and control systems, High End has developed many of the most trusted products used by lighting designers on theatrical productions, concerts, corporate events, conventions, film, and television. Among these products is the Wholehog 3 lighting console, the Road Hog Full Boar touring console, DL 3 digital lighting and video projection automated instrument, and the SHOWGUN automated lighting fixture. In addition to the design and manufacturing of visual products for the entertainment industry, High End also handles direct sales to rental houses and production companies, among other clients. Dedicated to the proper use and maintenance of their equipment, High End offers customer technical support over the phone and regular training courses at the Austin facility.

Under the Barco umbrella, High End is staffed to oversee all marketing, sales, distribution, manufacturing, training, and research & development operations. Employment opportunities can be found by visiting the careers section of the official website. That section will direct you to the Barco corporate website. Entry-level opportunities exist for drivers, warehouse personnel, and administrative assistants. Those with technical expertise and relevant experience in lighting, video, optics, electrical engineering, or similar field can find positions available in product design or as a product specialist. Other roles are available for repair technicians with technical experience, sales account managers, marketing representatives, and customer relations specialists. The application process begins by completing the online application form, which is then forwarded to the recruitment department. If a candidate passes the first review based on his or her resume, then he or she is referred to a human resources hiring manager for an interview. At that point, if the candidate meets the company’s needs, an offer of employment will be made. A limited number of internships and student summer jobs are available and can be found through the career portal on the official website.


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