Hudson Scenic Studio

Location: Yonkers, NY

Founded: 1980


Hudson Scenic Studio opened in 1980 as a small shop in upstate New York with five employees. Since that time, the studio has moved to Yonkers, and now occupies a 72,000-square-foot facility that caters to the design and fabrication needs of the live entertainment industry.

Notable Products

  • Carpentry and stagecraft
  • Scenic sculpting and backdrop painting
  • Project management
  • Design engineering services
  • Automation, motion control, and mechanization
  • Rigging system design and installation


What to Expect

In the past 30 years, Hudson Scenic Studio has contributed to hundreds of Broadway productions and theatrical tours, including Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, Lion King, American Idiot, Fela!, Billy Elliot, and Phantom of the Opera. Other clients include museums, corporate industrials, Walt Disney World, and Disneyland. From Pride Rock to the catacombs of Paris, HSS has delivered some of the most iconic and technically stunning pieces of scenery on stage today, but perhaps Hudson’s most famous piece of work is the New Year’s Eve ball and automation system at Times Square.

To meet the varied needs of its clients, HSS employs artists, technicians, and designers in the areas of fabrication, automation, engineering, and scenic art. Within those broad divisions are sculptors, welders, metalsmiths, painters, carpenters, and numerous other specialists. Availability of employment is based on the volume of productions contracted to the shop, and applicants should expect to submit a photo portfolio of work in addition to a résumé. Internships are available to undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled at a college or university. There are limited opportunities, and acceptance is based on an résumé and cover letter and a formal interview. Participants will be offered the chance to work hands-on in carpentry, iron, electrics, automation, engineering, technical services, information technology, and project management.



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