Location: San Francisco, CA

Founded: 1982


Note: It was announced in October 2012 that Walt Disney Company would purchase Lucasfilm for $4 billion. In April 2013, Walt Disney Company announced LucasArts would cease production and development, effectively shuttering the studio. This profile reflects information on the former studio. 

Developer and publisher of video games for next-generation consoles and PC, LucasArts is the studio that transforms gamers into Jedi Knights. You won’t have to present your fanboy card at the interview, but a passion for all things Star Wars does help—you’ll be living and breathing TIE fighters and droids on the job.

Notable Products

  • Star Wars: The Old Republic
  • Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings
  • LEGO Star Wars
  • LEGO Indiana Jones
  • Monkey Island


What to Expect

The bar for excellence is set very high, but for those with the superior skills and talent to break into the Lucas clan, the rewards are substantial. Senior-level artist positions require a bachelor’s degree or better, plus at least three years of professional experience. Lead programmers must have a master’s degree and at least two years of experience in a supervisory role, or equivalent post-baccalaureate work; majors in computer science, engineering, and mathematics are preferred.

Positions exist for professionals in marketing, business affairs, quality assurance, and consumer research. LucasArts typically offers the most entry-level roles in the Lucas family; these include game testers, junior artists, and programmers. Proficiency in Maya or other 3D modeling software is expected, and engineers also must be skilled in C++ scripting, Linux, Unix, or Windows, and next-generation consoles. Paid internships are available and challenging—they run 12 to 16 weeks and require the student to work 40 hours per week. For all employees, the company offers access to the Studio Talent Group, the in-house training and mentoring program.

George Lucas believes strongly in providing peaceful environments conducive to fostering creativity and productivity, and the LucasArts campus is no exception. Located at the Letterman Digital Arts Center in the Presidio in San Francisco, the game studio shares its home with Lucasfilm, Industrial Light & Magic, Lucas Licensing and Lucas Online. The sprawling compound includes 1,000 acres of open outdoor space and nearly 30 miles of hiking trails. For work, there’s cutting-edge technology, an in-house sound studio, a motion-capture studio, and one of the world’s largest render farms; for play, employees enjoy pinball, pool tables, and a 300-seat movie theater. Of course, health and relaxation are necessities; to attend to these needs the LDAC includes a 14,000-square-foot fitness center and a gourmet dinning commons featuring certified organic meals made to order.


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