Maker Studios

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Founded: 2009


Maker Studios is a digital production studio that is harnessing the power of YouTube to distribute original web content developed in partnership with creative talent.

Notable Products

  • Content development
  • Production
  • Promotion
  • Distribution
  • Sales
  • Marketing

What to Expect

Launched by co-founders Dan Zappin, Ben and Lisa Donovan, and Shay Butler, Maker Studios works with creative talent to develop, produce, and distribute professional quality videos on YouTube, with a focus on nurturing emerging talent. A startup that first went live in 2009, Maker has gained 33 million subscribers with its more than 250 channels, averaging a combined 500 million monthly views. Of course, this is not just an investment in amusement; Maker Studios works with brands to bring in advertising and generate revenue for the company and content creators. By 2012, the production studio had raised several million dollars in venture capital, in addition to grants provided by Google.

Much like a traditional production studio, Maker provides the crew, equipment, and facilities necessary for their pool of signed talent to shoot and edit original videos. Once the project is ready for distribution to one of Maker’s channels, the company supports the content by luring advertisers, marketing the content and the talent, and fostering a thriving social community around the brand. Creators that sign with the studio retain complete creative control over their own content, in line with Maker’s mantra that it is a “creator-first company that does not believe in limiting the creative freedom of its partners.”

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Maker Studios employs about 200 people in positions relating to production, post-production, animation, marketing, A&R, software development, and more. The company relies heavily on a team of community managers and social media experts that apply their best practices know-how to effectively engage with online audiences and continue to cultivate new viewers for the expanding lineup of digital content. Those applying for technical and web-based roles should anticipate some form of skills test during the initial interview process. Those interested in marketing and business-oriented positions must have proven experience related to the web, as well as a relevant education. This isn’t the place for the online novice, but it’s an excellent proving ground for someone with a forward-thinking vision of new media and, in particular, what the frontier of YouTube can offer for growth. Potential applicants can review available positions at Maker Studios’ official website and can forward résumés to the company via email.


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