Mode Studios

Location: Seattle, WA

Founded: 1996


Mode Studios is a highly diversified creative media boutique operating out of Seattle, WA, and founded by Bob and Colleen Bonniol. The studio specializes in live and video production and in the design of multimedia solutions.

Notable Products

  • Commercial production
  • Corporate branding
  • Live event production
  • Production design
  • Interactive installation
  • Multi-camera production

What to Expect

Two creative veterans of the entertainment industry, both initially focused in the area of production lighting, helm Mode Studios. Bob Bonniol, owner and creative director of Mode, formerly served as an automated lighting supervisor for Disney Theatrical. Colleen Bonniol, co-owner and executive producer at the company, previously worked as a gaffer and best boy in feature film. Since the pair’s early days in the entertainment industry, each has expanded his or her talents and experience to include a wide variety of creative endeavors, including production design, directing, lighting design, art direction, and visual effects. Likewise, Mode has evolved and grown to serve clients in traditional theatrical production, as well as documentary filmmaking, music videos, television production, concerts, opera, corporate events, and architectural installations. Clients include Broadway’s The Wizard of Oz, Blue Man Group, Disney Theatrical, Microsoft, Nokia, Madonna, Journey, MTV, and The Place in Beijing, China.

At the core of Mode Studios’ operations is the staff of multitalented designers and technicians. The company employs directors, producers, lighting designers, projection designers, motion graphics artists, show programmers, and visual effects artists, among others. Entry-level positions include those for design assistants, assistant programmers, and freelance animators. Mode is comprised of less than 50 full-time staff members but also contracts freelance technicians for large installations and production needs. Permanent staff members are required to travel extensively based on the specific needs of the project, and this may include prolonged stays for assignments such as the programming and installation of a projection system on resident theatrical productions. Since the organization works with clients around the nation and internationally, destinations will vary widely.

The designers and senior staff that make up Mode Studios are highly trained professionals in their crafts with several years of experience to back up their reputations. Many have been recruited and lured away from similar companies due to their exceptional talent and high profile credits. A bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience is recommended for application to the company. Mode does not advertise available positions on its website, so those who wish to inquire about possible availability should contact the company directly by phone or e-mail.


MODE Studios Corporate Demo Reel from MODE Studios on Vimeo.


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