NETworks Presentations

Location: Columbia, MD

Founded: 1995


NETworks is a theatrical production company with more than 70 national and international tours to its credit. The organization was founded Kenneth Gentry, Seth Wenig, and Scott Jackson.

Notable Products

  • A Chorus Line national tour
  • Blue Man Group national tour
  • South Pacific at Lincoln Center
  • Spring Awakening national tour
  • Hairspray China tour
  • The King & I U.K. tour


What to Expect

NETworks Presentations is based in Maryland and organizes tours of Broadway shows throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. The 2010-2011 season comprised eight individual shows, including Young Frankenstein and Les Misérables. The permanent staff consists of about 20 individuals: the executive producer, production manager, general manager, marketing director, and related personnel. Employment on individual tours is on a temporary contract basis and includes lighting technicians, audio technicians, riggers, props department, costumers, and makeup artists as well as stage managers, directors, designers, and other department heads. Similarly, all talent (actors, musicians) are hired and employed on contract through NETworks.

The production company offers both union and non-union employment to artists and technicians based on the agreements established with IATSE and the Actors Equity Association. Non-member technicians and designers hired under the minimum basic agreement with the IA are required to become members in good standing by submitting the necessary application for membership and paying the required initiation fee and quarterly membership dues. Enrollment in the union is automatic and will continue as long as the technician stays current on payments.

While on tour, the cast and crew are provided with transportation, lodging, and a weekly stipend in addition to a regular salary. Accommodations and transportation modes depend on the tour’s location and duration of stay in each city. A musical will typically run for three days to two weeks in one location, so the cast and crew are housed in hotels paid for at a discounted rate from the employee’s stipend. Travel under five or six hours is usually via passenger buses and vans; on trips up to eight or nine hours, a sleeper bus is provided. Longer trips require the cast and crew to travel by plane. Work hours will vary depending on the production schedule, but crews can generally expect one day off per week.


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