Prologue Films

Location: Venice, CA

Founded: 2003


Kyle Cooper is recognized as the foremost talent in the field of title design for feature films and television. He established himself as a leader of the next generation of creative innovators in 1995 by designing the groundbreaking title sequence for David Fincher’s Se7en (Seven). In 2003, Cooper founded Prologue Films to continue to pave new paths for the future of filmmaking, television, and motion graphics.

Notable Products

  • Titles design
  • Motion graphics
  • Commercial graphics
  • Video production
  • Creative design

What to Expect

It is an absolute certainty that if you have seen a film or TV show in the last decade, you have been exposed to the work of Kyle Cooper and Prologue Films. Their collaborators include directors like Martin Scorsese, John Hughes, Terrence Malick, Julie Taymor, Robert Redford, Oliver Stone, Brian De Palma, Barry Sonnenfeld and Sam Raimi. Recent works include the title sequences and motion graphics for the Spider-Man series, The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, the Iron Man films, Sherlock Holmes, Deadliest Catch, and Tropic Thunder. To the credit of Cooper and his company are hundreds of projects for commercials, video production, opening sequences, and motion graphics for television and feature film. Kyle Cooper serves as president of the company, joined by Patrick Esposito as executive producer and production manager, and Danny Yount (formerly of Digital Kitchen) as creative director. The company is headquartered in Venice, Calif.

Prologue Films (aptly named for a company that specializes in beginnings) is a collective of artists, designers, and filmmakers with a singular goal of storytelling. Collaboration and cooperation are at the core of Prologue’s philosophy, fostering an environment where all participants are free to express themselves. The company employs individuals with a wide array of experience, including video production, post-production, and visual effects. Specific roles within the company exist for those specializing in graphic design, illustration, storyboarding, web design, animation, video editing, cinematography, directing, programming, photography, and more. Opportunities exist not only for seasoned professionals but also for newcomers that demonstrate considerable talent. Applicants can review current job openings by visiting the company’s official website. Candidates can send reels and portfolios via standard mail or use the online application. Artists that work in a motion medium are encouraged to upload an mp4 not to exceed 15mb. Prologue also asks those artists to supply a mobile version of the reel in 3gp format limited to 1.5mb. Visual artists that wish to present a static portfolio can do so by submitting a PDF document of a maximum of 10mb.

When constructing a portfolio or demo reel, keep in mind that employers only want to see the very best of your work and the most recent examples. Many applicants make the mistake of trying to show their versatility by sending over too much content. Edit your work down to the highest quality pieces, as the manager reviewing your submission will likely only give you a couple minutes (or a few pages) to impress. If you make it to the interview phase, that is your opportunity to discuss the wider range of talents and skills you may have. It is important that in selecting work for your portfolio that you choose examples that clearly define your unique style.


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