Location: Redwood City, CA

Founded: 2005


Founded as an online application developer, RockYou has evolved to create social gaming experiences for platforms like Facebook, engaging more than 20 million active monthly users and 200 million subscribers worldwide.

Notable Products

  • Zoo World 2
  • Zoo World
  • Galactic Allies
  • Toyland
  • My Casino
  • Hero World

What to Expect

Formerly operating with a focus on creating applications and widgets for social media platforms, RockYou underwent a significant overhaul in 2010 to concentrate its efforts on social game development. In doing so, the company acquired development studios TirNua—maker of a 3-D game engine for Facebook games and free, browser-based simulation game of the same name—and Playdemic (Gourmet Ranch). Part two of the mission refocus was a push to hire top tier game development talent, actively making over the company to position itself as a highly desirable place to work.

Headquartered in Redwood City, Calif., RockYou operates additional facilities in New York and Australia, employing more than 150 individuals. The studio is committed to innovating the next generation of social games, seeking talent that understands the potential of social media. The team at RockYou embraces a highly collaborative environment that is driven by creativity and fun. Around the office, conspicuous orange and yellow contraptions are a common sight, as full-scale Nerf wars frequently rage. Employees are highly motivated and diligent during development, but distractions can feed inspiration. Therefore, dodgeball tournaments and Ping-Pong games are regular activities. And because walking is such a passé mode of transportation, a huge red slide carries staff members through the center of the Redwood City studio. Other perks include a kitchen (stocked with a plethora of snacks and drinks), daily-catered lunch deliveries, an on-site gym, and a volleyball court.

Those interested in reviewing available positions with RockYou can find job listings on the company’s official website, where candidates can submit applications online. Most positions require a bachelor’s degree in a relevant area of study.


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