SCE Santa Monica Studio

Location: Santa Monica, CA

Founded: 1999


Best known for developing the God of War franchise, Sony Computer Entertainment’s Santa Monica Studio holds nine awards from The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences as well as British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards in Technical Achievement and Story and Character for God of War 2.

Notable Products

  • Kinetica
  • God of War series
  • Flower
  • PixelJunk series
  • Carnival Island
  • Twisted Metal

What to Expect

Wholly owned by Sony Computer Entertainment, Santa Monica Studio leads the way for Sony’s game development mission in North America. In addition to internally developed intellectual properties like God of War, Santa Monica actively collaborates with incubator studios like thatgamecompany to develop and publish titles for the PlayStation platform such as Flow, Flower, and Journey.

Inside the walls of the Santa Monica Studio, the atmosphere is productive but also comfortable. Development facilities include an in-house user-testing lab, six sound design pods, and a game reference library with more than 2,000 PlayStation titles. In the recreation area, distractions include arcade and console games, pinball, and table tennis. A relaxation lounge is equipped with a built-in sound system and extensive music library.

Employment opportunities within SCE Santa Monica Studio include those in production, art, design, animation, programming, quality assurance, audio, and others. Game testing positions (QA) are typically temporary assignments and hired through a partnership with a staffing consultant. Applicants for these roles, as with all open positions with the studio, can find opportunities through the company’s official website. QA candidates must have at least one year of relevant experience in addition to one year of post high school education, training, or equivalent. Mid-level positions typically demand at least two years of industry experience in your desired field, as well as a bachelor’s degree in your area of expertise. Senior roles require three years of professional experience and at least one shipped title, coupled with a bachelor’s degree.


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