Location: Berlin, German

Founded: 2008


SoundCloud is free audio streaming social platform that allows users to share, upload, and promote music on blogs, websites, and social networks around the world. Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss launched SoundCloud in 2008. Though headquartered in Berlin, Germany, it has offices in New York City, San Francisco, London, and Sofia, Bulgaria.


Notable Products

  • Audio uploads
  • Widgets and apps
  • Application Programming Interface
  • Paid subscription service
  • Community of users


What to Expect

SoundCloud is still a growing company. With over 200 employees across five global offices, career opportunities are available for engineers and product marketers, as well as in communications, sales, design, legal, human resources  and community management, among others. These jobs, especially, the engineering ones are extremely technical such as creating anti-spam, mobile apps and computer systems. Solid experience in Java, Scala, or Ruby and a background in machine or statistical learning would help if applying for an engineering position; creating mobile apps will require a solid understanding of Agile software development and practices associated with building robust applications; while systems engineering requires experience with configuration management systems such as Chef or Puppet. A degree in system engineering or mobile development would be helpful in gaining an interview

As for other positions such as product managers, senior copywriter, director of marketing and product strategy, degrees in media communications or public relations is a plus. Creative degree spots in music, publishing, arts and audio may be available at the New York office; while technology-related openings are in San Francisco and Berlin, with more music spots available in Los Angeles and London.

Soundcloud also has a quarterly inter-office program called ‘Global Exchange’, where any employee at Soundcloud can apply and spend a few months working at any of their five offices, which includes Berlin, London, New York, San Francisco, and Sofia. It is a way for staff to experience another part of the world, but to also build work relationships with colleagues from around the world.

As a young company, Soundcloud encourages a creative and fun atmosphere. During lunch hours, they host ‘Masterclass’ sessions, where any staff member can host a fun and educational talk on any subject of their choosing, be it about work duties or not. Past ‘Masterclass’ topics have included 90’s Hip Hop, living in Japan, and German cooking. Aside from these classes, they encourage team lunches twice a week where local chefs and food enthusiasts come in and create fare to build internal bonds between those who work together.

They also have what’s called ‘Kitchen Sessions’, where artists drop by the office and perform for staff. For staff living in Berlin, Soundcloud hosts complimentary German language lessons to help with building community in the area.


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