Swank Audio Visuals

Location: St. Louis, MO

Founded: 1937

Website: http://www.swankav.com/

P. Ray Swank and his wife Lucille founded Swank Audio Visuals more than 70 years ago. The company initially entered the market as a portable projection service that supplied motion picture entertainment for events. Today, the organization has grown to include a wider variety of multimedia event services, from design to installation and operation.

Notable Products

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Lighting
  • Event design
  • Webcasting
  • Production management

What to Expect

Swank Audio Visual is a provider of event technology services, to include complete event design, equipment installation and operation, and production management. Specifically, the company provides audio/visual solutions, lighting, turnkey stages, and live webcasting. Swank is headquartered in St. Louis, Mo., but caters to clients across the United States, including Hilton hotels, Four Seasons, and numerous conference centers.

An important component of offering clients the highest quality of service is Swank’s training and development program. All field crews that actively participate in the installation, management, or operation of events are put through in-house instruction on the technologies commonly used by the company, like lighting and audio equipment, as well as Swank’s production process. Employees come to the organization with experience and a solid foundation of technical knowledge, but in a field that is constantly innovating, continuing education is vital to remaining on the cutting edge.

Candidates interested in employment opportunities within the company can apply at Swank’s official website in the career section. Full-time and part-time positions are available for event technicians with expertise in one or more areas of lighting, audio, and video. Relevant experience can include hotel audiovisual, ministry production, college, technical theater, or other area of live entertainment production. Entry-level roles are available for recent graduates that can demonstrate practical knowledge through hands-on experience at the college level. Degrees in film and television production and show production are relevant to employment. Production management roles are reserved for those with significant professional experience in the areas of theatrical management, event management, or live entertainment production. A college degree or equivalent work history is necessary.

As Swank serves corporate clients and the resort industry, the company enforces strict grooming and appearance standards. Employees in the field are required to maintain a clean-cut look and professional demeanor at all times. This includes standards for facial hair for men and hairstyle restrictions for women. Visible tattoos or facial piercings are discouraged. Furthermore, there are dress code standards established depending on the nature and environment of the event. In most instances, a business casual appearance is required. Formal events may necessitate suits and ties for men and the appropriate equivalent for women. On the job, schedules can be irregular. Employees should expect some travel as needed, weekend hours, and workdays in excess of eight hours. Such is the nature of live event production.


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