Time Warner

Location: New York, NY

Founded: 1989

Website: http://www.timewarner.com

Time Warner is among the world’s largest media companies, with literally hundreds of business entities in areas such as film, television, print publication, and video games.

Notable Products

  • Warner Bros. Pictures
  • Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
  • HBO
  • Sports Illustrated
  • Cartoon Network
  • DC Entertainment

What to Expect

Time Warner is the result of the acquisition of Warner Communications (parent company of Warner Bros.) by Time Inc., the international publishing company. Under the umbrellas of the four major business entities: Turner Broadcasting (purchased in 1996), Warner Bros. Entertainment, HBO, and Time Inc., Time Warner owns a number of popular media operations, among these are DC Entertainment, New Line Cinema, TNT, TBS, The CW, Cinemax, People magazine, and CNN.

Headquartered in New York City, Time Warner operates numerous domestic and international offices, including those in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Tampa, London, and Hong Kong. Worldwide, the media conglomerate employs approximately 34,000 people in more than a dozen interest areas, like communications, creative, digital, editorial, production, animation, and marketing. Those seeking employment with Time Warner corporate or one of its subsidiaries can find and apply for vacant positions by visiting the company’s official website. Each of Time Warner’s major business units offers paid internships with extensive and structured programs, ranging in duration from 9 to 12 weeks.

Time Warner has been acknowledged on several occasions for being a positive place to work, and in 2012, the company found itself among those recognized on several notable lists, including The World’s Most Ethical Companies, Best Places to Work (Corporate Equality Index), Top 50 Companies for Diversity, and the Top 100 Ideal Employers. In addition to health and wellness benefits like onsite childcare and fitness facilities, the organization offers options for flexible work schedules to encourage an equal work/life balance, broad dependent care options, and personal enrichment opportunities like continuing education and professional training. A number of career development programs exist to allow employees to further their experience and expertise, thereby enhancing their career potential within the company.


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