Turbine, Inc.

Location: Needham, MA

Founded: 1994

Website: http://www.turbine.com/

Johnny Monsarrat, Jeremy Gaffney, Kevin Langevin, and Timothy Miller founded Turbine, though Warner Brothers Home Entertainment Group recently acquired the company. The company has been credited with pioneering the 3-D massively multiplayer role-playing game in 1999 with the release of Asheron’s Call, an online title.

Notable Products

  • Asheron’s Call series
  • Dungeons & Dragons Online
  • The Lord of the Rings Online
  • Turbine Game Platform

What to Expect

Turbine, Inc. is located in Needham, Mass., near Boston, and recently expanded its 45,000-square-foot facility to incorporate a 24,000-square-foot addition. The studio employs more than 350 people, and among those positions available within the company are roles for game designers, artists, animators, programmers, systems engineers, and game testers. In fact, Turbine has a large quality assurance stable, as well as customer service team, that are at the forefront of ensuring that online gamers enjoy a bug-free experience. Additional departments include marketing, database management, finance, and administration.

Entry-level roles within the quality assurance team require at least a high school diploma and extensive knowledge of the studio’s game titles. Further necessary experience includes strong written communication skills and knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel. Naturally, a thorough understanding of MMO gameplay and terminology is required. Temporary and entry-level positions for artists also exist for those with exceptional talent who are looking for their first professional game jobs. Requirements include a high school diploma and proficiency in modeling and texturing using Maya and Photoshop. Mid-level positions generally require at least two years of relevant professional experience within a video game development studio, preferably on an online MMORPG title; a bachelor’s degree is encouraged. If you can read and write Elvish, don’t hesitate to put that on your resume; Turbine is proud to boast that it employs several bilingual individuals educated in the languages of Middle Earth.

Formerly an independent studio that has since been taken under the wing of Warner Bros., Turbine still seeks to retain its sense of individuality. The vibe is casual, as is the dress code. The company is interested in hiring truly talented artists and technicians but also those who are passionate fans of the enormously popular titles. Brands like Lord of the Rings and Dungeon & Dragons have a ferociously loyal following, and it takes a staff of equally loyal individuals to meet and exceed the expectations of online gamers. Those applying to the company must submit a resume and cover letter through the WB Games online career portal, which is linked through the Turbine website. When asked to submit a portfolio, it is best to have web-based examples of your work or a demo reel that should not exceed 5 minutes. You should demonstrate understanding of the aesthetic style of the Turbine properties, as well as knowledge of the systems and mechanics related to similar MMORPGS


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