Vigil Games

Location: Austin, Texas

Founded: 2005


David Adams, Joe Madureira, Marvin Donald, and Ryan Stefanelli founded Vigil Games in 2005. After hatching a plan to leave their PC game development jobs and open an independent studio to create console games, the group went into intensive garage development and premiered their ideas at E3. Vigil quickly gained interest from THQ to publish the first title, Darksiders.

Notable Products

  • Darksiders
  • Darksiders 2
  • Dark Millennium Online



What to Expect

Vigil Games is located in a 33,000-square-foot office complex in Austin, Tex. The studio employs more than 180 individuals in areas of programming, production, art, design, and animation. The studio is majorly driven by the art and design teams, the influences of which are felt not only in the look of the games produced by the company but also in the gameplay and stories. In fact, much of a game’s development is driven by the team’s strong commitment to high-quality art and animation—it is a paramount concern of the leaders at Vigil.

Entry-level talent and those who are seeking a studio where their voices and ideas will be heard should consider applying to Vigil. It is a core principle of the company that “the best idea wins,” meaning that no matter the employee’s title or tenure, all are encouraged to speak up when they have a constructive suggestion to offer. Internships are available in all development areas and are on a temporary basis. All art, design, and animation applications require an online demo reel that creatively illustrates the candidate’s specific talents and skills. On a limited basis, temporary game tester (quality assurance) positions are available through a staffing firm.

Mid-level roles within the company typically require at least two years of professional experience in your area of expertise. Artists and animators should be skilled in the use of software like 3ds Max and Photoshop and have a firm grasp of both 3D and 2D art. Programmers must be fluent in C++, comfortable with both console and PC platforms, as well as experienced in working with cross-platform engines. Senior roles can require five years of professional experience, or more, and at least one shipped AAA title on console or PC. All applications must be submitted via email. Find out who to email about open positions by searching in the jobs section of Vigil Games’ official website.


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