Wizards of the Coast

Location: Renton, WA

Founded: 1990

Website: http://www.wizards.com/

Peter Adkison started Wizards of the Coast out of his basement in 1990; three years later Wizards debuted Magic: The Gathering at the Origins Game Fair and a year later, the fledgling company was able to move out of the basement. Hasbro acquired Wizards as a subsidiary in 1999.

Notable Products

  • Magic: The Gathering
  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • Duel Masters
  • Axis & Allies


What to Expect

If goblins and dragons are your thing, Wizards is the place to be. The fantasy shop built its reputation as the world’s largest publisher of adventure games on the collectible trading card model, but has evolved to include digital versions, web comics, and sponsored online communities for players. When you make games for a living, work should be fun. At Wizards the attire is casual, there is a gym and dojo onsite, and the kitchen is always stocked with free popcorn, coffee and tea. (Those who insist on a soda fix can satisfy the craving for just a quarter.) Everyone gets a day off on his or her birthday along with tons of free product.

The company employs designers, artists, writers, business managers, and producers who work in brand-specific teams to maintain the cohesive look and feel of D&D or MTG across every medium. Entry-level jobs are hard to come by here, and are not available very often. This is a great place to make a mid-level transition after gaining at least two years of experience at a smaller, independent trading-card game publisher. At Wizards, creative positions require a bachelor’s degree and extensive coursework in analytical areas of study such as engineering, science, mathematics, or philosophy. Research and development jobs are the most coveted in the company—and the most elusive: You’ll have to place top 10 on the Magic Pro Tour to get that gig (really). The company is always interested in work from talented artists and writers, and accepts portfolio submission on a continuous basis.




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