• Character Modeler

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    Character Modeler

    The process of character modeling for video games relies heavily on computer software applications that allow artists to build a three-dimensional character from digital wireframes and...
  • Game Producer

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    Game Producer

    What a producer does can be a mystery to those outside a project, in any segment of the entertainment industry. Essentially, producers are leaders and facilitators who keep their entire...
  • Cinematics Designer

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    Cinematics Designer

    Cinematics, or cutscenes, are the segments of animated storytelling that are intertwined throughout a video game to further the characterization and plot (as in Halo, Final Fantasy, and...
  • Mission Designer

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    Mission Designer

    Every hero needs a mission—to save the princess, to capture the bad guy, to lead a team of post-apocalyptic survivors against a rabid population of mutant vampire zombie soldiers. The...


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