• Audio Technician

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    Audio Technician

    Live sound production combines the science of perfecting signal amplification and equalization with the art of blending each voice and instrument to produce the desired feel or emotional...
  • Stagehand

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    Stagehands are the general labor of the stage; they push road cases, run cable, and stack speakers—the hardest, heaviest, and most tedious jobs in show production. It is not a glamorous...
  • Lighting Designer

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    Lighting Designer

    The lighting designer’s title is self-explanatory, but the job is more complex than it seems. Before the audience is treated to pretty colors and big sweeping ballyhoos, this...
  • Director

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    Like a film director, the stage director supervises both the performance and technical aspects of a production. He or she has the artistic spirit of a designer, the methodical mind of a...


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