• Guitar Tech

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    Guitar Tech

    When a band graduates from headlining birthday parties to Bonnaroo, they can’t let a broken string or busted neck stop the rock. Above a certain level, every musician employs a...
  • A&R Executive

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    A&R Executive

    The A&R (Artists and Repertoire) executive’s main focus is finding new artists and building a label’s repertoire, but the full scope their responsibilities are far...
  • Assistant Mastering Engineer

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    Assistant Mastering Engineer

    The assistant mastering engineer serves much like an apprentice—whether formally or informally—to the mastering engineer. He or she is expected to observe more than actually participate...
  • Recording Studio Technician

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    Recording Studio Technician

    Recording studios stockpile a vast inventory of audio gear to meet the varied needs of their clients. To keep it all in good working order, studio managers rely on the skill and talent...


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