• Assistant Mastering Engineer

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    Assistant Mastering Engineer

    The assistant mastering engineer serves much like an apprentice—whether formally or informally—to the mastering engineer. He or she is expected to observe more than actually participate...
  • Record Producer

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    Record Producer

    Within the realm of pop music, record producers have become just as illustrious as the musicians they work with. Producing a hit record can not only launch an artist from obscurity to...
  • Recording Studio Technician

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    Recording Studio Technician

    Recording studios stockpile a vast inventory of audio gear to meet the varied needs of their clients. To keep it all in good working order, studio managers rely on the skill and talent...
  • Mix Engineer

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    Mix Engineer

    Each part of a song, pertaining to the individual instruments and vocals, is recorded independently and then combined later to create one album track. At the completion of the recording...


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