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Aaron R. Conklin has been writing about video games and video game culture for nearly 15 years, since the day he successfully convinced an alt-weekly newspaper editor they’d be a transformative pop culture force. (Whiskey may have been involved.)  Since then, he’s written about games for Computer Games Magazine, Massive Magazine, The Orlando Weekly, the San Antonio Current, the Charleston City Paper, C-Ville Weekly and the Wisconsin State Journal. When he’s not coaching soccer, chasing chinchillas or clutching a controller, Conklin writes about and reviews games for Isthmus Newspaper in Madison, Wisconsin—home of Raven Software, Human Head, the Games+Learning+Society group and the Midwest’s most underrated vibe.

Articles by Aaron R. Conklin

  • Do Xbox dogs dream of electric sheep? How artificial intelligence helps game developers mimic human—and animal—behavior.
  • SingularityThumb
    When game developers build digital bloodshed into the product, where do they draw the line between moral dilemma and gratuitous violence?
  • Raising the Game
    Creating four-star apps that can compete in a sea of  ‘crapware.’
  • Sony seems to be looking to the mobile phone industry for its next handheld device. What does it mean for the PSP2?
  • Robin Hunicke
    In art (and games) as in life, it’s not about the destination, but the expedition. Robin Hunicke, lead producer at thatgamecompany, talks about her unconventional Journey.
  • His first gig had him testing weapons for Dungeons and Dragons Online, but since then Blue Fang Games’ lead analyst has become an authority on automation and metrics.