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Brendan Manley is an award-winning journalist, editor and screenwriter. Over the years he has authored countless articles on a range of topics, including music, arts and entertainment, sports, lifestyle, news, technology, travel and history. He is an ongoing contributor to Get In Media, Alternative Press, Military History, HOTELS magazine and, as well as newspaper the Long Island Press, where he formerly served as Managing Editor and Lifestyle section head. In addition to currently developing his own projects for Hollywood, he works as a script consultant for Worldwide Motion Picture Group. Brendan is based in upstate New York.

Articles by Brendan Manley

  • Nick Moon thumbnail
    When it comes to making albums, there’s just no substitute for analog mastering, despite all the nifty things a computer with Pro Tools can do. That’s great news for mastering engineer Nick Moon, who earns his keep by applying his many...
  • Joey Lemble TH
    If you think slinging T-shirts at a concert looks easy, think again. On any given tour date, merchandise maven Joey Lemble might have to face off with Canadian border patrols, pesky Excel spreadsheets, and fans who don’t even know their...
  • Machine TH
    Record producer Machine first cut his teeth in the early days of digital music, and as a result hasn’t had a moment’s rest since the 1990s. Known for his innovative fusions of heavy guitar riffs, electronic samples and beats, and splashes...
  • Will Yip TH
    Record producer Will Yip is a rising star in the studio world, thanks in part to being the right person in the right place at the right time, positioned in the heart of the cutting-edge Philadelphia underground music scene. Blessed with...
  • Joey Sturgis TH
    Record producer Joey Sturgis is helping to define modern underground heavy music, thanks to his digital-centric, often epic creations. A computer geek at heart, his “in-the-box” approach to recording is anything but.