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Steven Head is a freelance writer who pulls from a wide variety of experiences. While studying urban planning at Rollins College, he served as a DJ and music director at WPRK 91.5 FM. Steven co-founded the music and arts website and contributes weekly to He is currently working with various organizations in Orlando to promote sustainable community arts events.

Articles by Steven Head

  • DJ Swivel
    DJ Swivel started out working turntables but gravitated toward mixing and producing after an influential internship with Ken “Duro” Ifill, which led him to work with today’s biggest pop stars, including serving as Beyoncé...
  • Anthony Tominia
    His résumé as motion capture lead at 2K includes work on the company’s immensely popular sports titles, the terrifying first-person shooter series BioShock, and even the cerebral nation-building of Civilization 5.  
  • Actuality Media TH
    In just over two years, Actuality Media has gone from a budding dream to a thriving production company that has already produced 14 documentaries highlighting altruists around the globe.